The Parenting Blueprint™

As parents, we all want positive, rewarding relationships with our children. But what happens when this seems challenging? The Parenting Blueprint™ offers a practical approach, using the understanding of personality styles as the foundation of fostering meaningful connections with our kids.

Through The Parenting Blueprint™ assessments, we uncover the unique personalities of every child and parent. This awareness empowers parents to adapt their parenting strategies to suit their child's individual needs, nurturing stronger bonds and effective communication.


A 90 Day Plan From Chaos to Confidence

In the Parenting Blueprint™, the first step is for parents to cultivate self-awareness of their own parenting style and personality. This involves recognizing our strengths, weaknesses, triggers, and blind spots. Self-awareness is essential for effective parenting because it allows us to understand our emotions and tendencies, enabling us to respond to our child's needs without reacting in harmful ways.

The next step is to develop an understanding of our child's unique personality. This includes observing their behaviors, emotions, and responses across different situations. Effective communication plays a crucial role in gaining insight into our child's individual traits. By comprehending their specific needs, strengths, and areas for growth, we can tailor our parenting approach accordingly. Utilizing personalized personality assessments or Discovery Reports will provide valuable guidance in this process.

Next, we move on to the "Adapt" phase, where we adjust our interactions with our child according to their unique personality. This entails acknowledging that every child is distinct and requires a tailored parenting approach that addresses their internal emotional needs.

For instance, if our child is introverted and sensitive, they might benefit from additional quiet time and gentle encouragement to open up. Conversely, if they are outgoing and energetic, they may thrive with more opportunities for physical activity and social interaction. Adapting allows us to create an environment that supports and nurtures our child's individual temperament and preferences.

Finally, we move to the "Apply" phase, where we implement intentional strategies for "parenting by design". This comprehensive approach involves utilizing a combination of key strategies:


Active listening


Effective discipline

Setting boundaries



Communication and collaboration

​Parenting is not a one-size-fits-all approach. When we have a personalized and effective approach that is tailored to our child's unique needs and strengths, we can cultivate a more supportive, nurturing, and fulfilling relationship. This approach sets the foundation for our child to grow into a happy, confident, and well-adjusted adult.

What Others Are Saying About Us

"The hour fly by!"

It was a great help talking to someone who had experience as a mom and professional. I've been increasingly frustrated with parenting. I left energized and ready to start my plan after we talked.

HT - 4/1/2021

"I didn't realize!"

I didn't realize how frustrated and out of control I felt until our call. The guilt of making the same mistakes over again was really getting to me. Thanks for helping me find strategies that work.

E - 8/1/2022

I remember as a parent how often I felt overwhelmed and now what I see with my daughter as she raises her four children. Mindy is helping me to help her because she knows what it's like to be a mom in need of support. She has provided practical and doable tools to help parents be their best and get past the worst. Her gentle but direct way allows you to feel encouraged and hopeful and set aside any guilt or shame. Her wisdom and guidance make a huge difference, even for this grandma who is looking for tips to help her daughter.


Mindy has led me through exercises to help with my limiting decisions and releasing emotions that were keeping me stuck. These exercises have been powerful and have shifted my outlook on how I react and engage with others. It was both enlightening and emotional to go through this process. With her kindness and compassion, she was present and responsive to my needs.


I have been working with Mindy over the past two months. She has listened with compassion and helped me to find strategies to make my home life with my three children more manageable. As a teacher, my schedule is busy and my days are long. Getting out the door in the mornings and then coming home in the afternoons have been our typical battlegrounds. I am feeling more hopeful and calmer as I see the power struggles we've had in the past decrease. She has helped me to realize I have some work to do on myself, too, and that it's okay to not always be in teacher or "boss mom" mode.


DISC Personality Assessments + The Parenting Blueprint™ Course


  • DISCovery Reports – 1 adult + 1 child or teen

  • Interaction Guide

  • 1-1 Interaction Guide results call

  • The Parenting Blueprint™ 6 module self-paced course

PLUS DISCovery Reports – 1 adult + 1 child or teen ​

DISC Personality Assessments + The Parenting Blueprint™ Course + 4 Private Coaching Sessions


  • 30 Min Onboard Parenting Blueprint™ Call

  • DISCovery Reports – 1 adult + 1 child or tee

  • Interaction Guide

  • 1-1 Interaction Guide results call

  • The Parenting Blueprint™ 6 module self-paced course

  • 4 private coaching sessions

PLUS DISCovery Reports – 1 adult + 1 child or teen ​

Hi, I’m Mindy

When my kids were growing up, I was anything but the perfect parent!

I knew what kind of mom I wanted to be, but sometimes it was very difficult to translate those aspirations into my day-to-day life. Looking back, I wish I had someone to show me how to fully step into becoming the parent I wanted to be for my children.

Now that my children are grown, my mission is to help parents like you create deeper, more fulfilling family relationships. As a parent coach, I’ve seen how discovering the unique gifts inside your family personalities can be an absolute game changer for your parenting!

So if you’re ready to have someone come alongside you in this journey and help you become the parent you’ve always wanted to be, let’s do this together.

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